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I was born and raised in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Kiev is over 1,500 years old and is the major political and cultural center of the Slavic people in Eastern Europe. From 1921 until the breakup in 1991, Ukraine was one of the 12 republics of the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Because of this, I was raised, educated, and lived for a good part of my life as a “Soviet Union Child.” I moved to the United States in 1999, living first in Maine for about 7 years, and moving to New Mexico in 2006 where my son served in the United States Air Force.
During that period I went back to the Ukraine to get my an education in TV and film industry. I got Master degree in TV Production.
Growing up, I found that I was talented artistically and from a young age I naturally dreamed of being involved in movies and theater. My parents helped me to explore and develop my abilities by supporting evening classes in the Music and Performance School. I received recognition in high school for directing and performing in the School Theater. Unfortunately, the unraveling of the Soviet Union began just as I was preparing to attend the University to formally study art. It was a very difficult time in Ukraine when many people lost their jobs and were struggling just to survive. My family was no different so I set aside my dream of studying and working in the arts to pursue an education that would allow me to make a living.
Over time, the situation in the country improved and I was again able to chase my dream. I applied and was accepted to the National University of Theater, Cinema and Television where I majored in Film & Television Production. During school I had the opportunity to work in different aspects of production.